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Api Jiwa Ubud - Bali

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Capella Hotels
Api Jiwa Ubud - Bali


Art Direction
Content Strategy
Photo Shooting
Video Production

A meticulous project, full of details and spirituality, brought Tide to the distant lands of Indonesia, to discover Capella Hotels in Ubud, Bali. A prestigious place immersed in the beauty of untouched nature.

Capella Hotels, one of the most renowned hotels in the world, entrusted Tide the production of a video to showcase the unique features of the hotel and its restaurant, Api Jiwa. Nestled amidst unspoiled nature, Api Jiwa offers a deep spiritual experience where the art of cooking blends with the use of fire to create timeless Indonesian dishes.

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Sharing stories to embark on adventures that transcend time and space

In the first phase of the project, Tide conducted extensive research and analysis to gather valuable information, and defined the strategic objectives for the video production in order to develop a proposal that would meet the client's needs.
The creative team then crafted a creative story that would convey empathy and spirituality to transport the audience on a journey to this faraway and mystical destination.

Sharing a story is the privilege of experiencing a timeless adventure


What makes a story memorable is its power to evoke emotions

Emotion, charm, and spirituality are the three defining elements of a majestic location like Capella Ubud. The project reflects the passion for exploration, inspiring a desire to indulge in an extraordinary experiences.

Through the careful study of images, storytelling, and expertly executed voiceover, Tide produced a poetic tribute to the passion for cooking and culinary experience, enhanced by the delicate sounds of surrounding nature of this mystical place.

Emotional and storytelling VoiceOver

A poetic VoiceOver that leads to a spiritual awakening, to rediscover a sense of wonder that is expressed through synesthesia and musicality in the copy.

SFX and Sound Design

Ambients sounds to connect the senses to the images

Crafting storied moments beyond expectations

We believe in seeking connection and shared experiences that inspire. Our passion for culture and history drives us to delve beneath the skin of every destination we call home and sample a life of authenticity.

- Capella Hotels

The beauty of a well-crafted story lies in its ability to evoke deep and authentic emotions, to provide moments of reflection and emotional resonance


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