Castello di Vicarello

An unforgettable Italian experience


Castello di Vicarello


Art Direction
Content Strategy
Photo Shooting

Castello di Vicarello it's a medieval stronghold from way-back 1100, and whose traces have been lost during the centuries, is situated among secular olive trees and vines, in an oasis of uncontaminated nature of Maremma Grossetana in Tuscany.
Today, Vicarello, lovingly restored to its original splendour, is the ideal place to stimulate the senses amongst the beauty of nature and to have a really relaxing holiday with good cuisine through cascades of flowers and aromatic plants.

Tide created a digital content strategy for all the hotel's social and web platforms. The emotional contents were produced to describe the incredible multisensory experience and the authentic and unforgettable atmosphere that can be discovered while staying inside the castle.

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Sounds of a place

A unique video format of its kind.
A multisensory experience that allows users to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the place, enveloped in a compelling narrative that further enriches the experience.
This genre of video production stands out for its cinematic quality, accompanied by carefully selected ambient sounds, all aimed at creating an engaging visual and auditory story.

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