First bakery in the historic centre of Jesolo - Venice, today it is a pastry shop, bakery and chocolate shop offering a wide selection of artisan products through careful attention in the choice of ingredients and processes. The heart of their products is pure sourdough, which, renewed daily, guarantees a slow leavening and keeps the flavours of the ingredients unaltered. Focacce, panettoni and colombe complete their range of leavened products, soft and natural, free of any preservative.

Tide Design has defined and applied the best digital strategy for the brand with the aim of ensuring a strong presence in the main digital channels, by effectively communicating their corporate identity and enhancing their products. The content marketing and social media marketing activities are aimed at developing targeted and highly effective promotions to strengthen the brand image and give visibility to the range of products available within their e-commerce.


Art Direction
Content Creation
Photo Shooting
Digital Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Advertising

Today’s consumer expects the brands they interact with to be active on major digital channels providing useful and valuable content.

Communication and interaction with customers is true and authentic, and is the foundation of our strategic approach.

Quality of ingredients and transparency on raw materials and their origin.


Via Thomas Alva Edison 133
Villorba, 31020 - Treviso