Solo Treviso is an Italian-based food company that aims to enhance the rich and enviable food and wine heritage of the Veneto region. The company operates on the national and international market with the Solo Treviso and Solo Rosso brands, offering an organic and selected range of traditional local artisan specialties with a high quality standard.

Tide Design supported the company in the creation of a strong digital presence that could effectively communicate the corporate identity and enhance their products. The activity of both content and social media marketing allowed Solo Treviso to strengthen the brand and give visibility to their products by spreading the company values..


Art Direction
Content Creation
Photo Shooting
Digital Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Advertising


The communication project launched to promote Solo Treviso on the social networks aims at customer engagement and loyalty. Through the definition of an editorial plan designed together with the company, content is posted, promoted and targeted following the right audience.

Through the publication of a specifically designed visual content, the brand can engage with customers and establish long-lasting connections by stimulating their interest. Alongside this there is also the community management activity, which consists in managing relationships with the people interacting with the brand through all the social channels.


The addition of both Instagram and Facebook Shop functions improves the shopping experience for users on the platform, making it more effective in terms of sales. Posts and stories on Instagram and Facebook Shop feature clickable images that allow customers to take a closer look at the products and buy them without leaving the platform.

Today’s consumer expects the brands they interact with to be active on major digital channels while providing useful and valuable contents.


Solo Treviso’s communication and interaction with its customers is true and authentic, and it is the foundation of our strategic approach.

Quality of the ingredients and transparency on each product and their origin.


Via Thomas Alva Edison 133
Villorba, 31020 - Treviso